Rules for Game Master (GM)

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Rules for Game Master (GM)

Post  Admin on Sun Aug 23, 2009 3:33 am

1. Treat ALL players with respect.

2. Do not spam ! ( WILL KICK FROM BEING GM )

3. Do not attack players in PvP unless requested. If you're in PvP, you should be in hiding. Should you choose not to hide and a player attacks you, you are at fault, not the player.

4. Do not share/give away ANY items unless it is given as a reward for winning an event, and even in this case, GM equips are not to be given to players. I.E. Donation Rings.

5. Do not use GM commands to assist in leveling or aid the player in any way.

6. Do not give lenience to the players whom you've befriended. They should be treated as any other player, and should not be given "slack"/benefits.

7. Do not engage in conversations with players on topics of illegal or sexual nature.

8. GMs disobeying the rules will have their IP banned, no warnings.

Any breaking of these rules will result in punishment set forth by the administrator.

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